Consider showing footnote items at end of search results?

Several people have asked for archiving notes, and a common response is that you can turn notes into footnotes, which is true.

One clear benefit of archived projects is that they show up at the end of search results. Would you consider showing footnotes at the end of search results as well? That would make footnotes work closer to archived notes.

Isn’t that just making footnotes the same as archived notes?

To me, a footnote is really just a pinned note at the bottom. It still belongs in the same project, so moving it out of the project doesn’t seem like a good idea, if that is what you meant.

We do have plans to improve search flexibility and ordering at some point. It’s in the roadmap.

Maybe? With the caveat that archived notes isn’t actually a thing – unless I’m overlooking something?

I am not suggesting moving the notes out of the project entirely. But for search purposes, they could behave like archived projects – which do appear in search results, but after any matching active projects.

Right now when I’m done with a note, my options are to make it a footnote but still have it appear in search results mixed in with active notes, or to create a parallel archived project and move it there.

Being able to filter out notes that are marked as complete would be huge.

It’s most likely these kind of options we’d add. Footnotes would probably not be treated differently within the context of search though.