Connecting a Note to irregular dates

I am not sure if this topic has been discussed already in the past. Yesterday, I was working on a note of a project that I follow irregularly, which means not every day for a certain number of days, not at a regular interval like every specific day in a week or month. Then I connected it to the calendar. In this way, in the future, I should be able to go back using the Search All on Agenda to find I worked on this specific note yesterday. That note contained a draft that I need to elaborate on several times as a first step of the project that note is part of it. However, I realized that if I should work again on it in three days, then yet in eight days, then in two weeks, and so on, connecting all the time this note to calendar the date move continuously. So, no traces of having worked on the note much time remains on the calendar, but only last time. Wouldn’t possible to have more than one date connected to it, that if I worked irregularly on a note would appear on the calendar all the time I did? Thanks!

You may find it works better to create a new Agenda note for each draft, and group them in a project. That way you get a timeline of your changes, and can link each to a different event in your calendar (eg draft 1, draft 2 etc). That is probably how I would tackle it.

Thank you, Drew. It sounds a good suggestion!