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I think it would be a great improvement to the app if note content could be searched directly through spotlight. It would create a shortcut that does not require you to open the app to search, which may be redundant in many cases. It would definitely help me in cases like if I was just trying to just take a look at a certain part of a note, having no need to really see the whole thing. or edit it. It would be so much faster and easier. Is this in your plans or agenda?


Yes, definitely, it’s on our todo list but didn’t make the cut so far. Thanks for the feedback!


For me the reason to invest in Agenda!
I use HoudahSpot in addition to Spotlight so I really need this.

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I notice agenda notes don’t come up in Alfred either - when will spotlight at lest work? Thanks!

Still on our to-do list indeed.

Is there a progress on this one?

Getting closer to the top and is planned as part of a larger search overhaul, hopefully later this year.

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Any updates or ETAs on this? I’ve been exploring Raycast and the bear notes integration with raycast is pretty nifty. wondering if something similar with Alfred and/or Raycast is possible for us ?

No updates yet but it remains planned for one of the next bigger updates.

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BTW. I guess it would already be possible for anyone to create integrations using the x-callback-url support of Agenda?

Yes, there are 3 scripts created using the x-callback-url but none for searching notes within Agenda.

Here’s what search within bear looks like:

Github repo for the bear notes extension:

Okay so, this is not for Spotlight or Raycast, but I have an Agenda workflow for Alfred that lets me search for notes or projects within Agenda and it works really well. I think somebody already posted it around here and yes, it uses x-callback-url. The workflow is really simple, no big magic, so I dont know why it wouldnt be possible to do it.

any updates on OSX spotlight search for Agenda in 2022?

We haven’t determined exactly where it slots in yet but definitely on our list for one of the upcoming updates still.

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Is this still not a feature? I cannot seem to figure out how to enable it. With so many communication mediums today (email, slack, texts, Apple Reminders, Apple Notes, Agenda, it’s difficult to remember where I saw something. Being able to have Agenda results pop up in Spotlight would be very helpful.

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It will be part of a much larger update that will overhaul how search works in Agenda.