Hi folks,

Congrats on the beta - the on-boarding experience is really slick.

I’ve had a few crashes (will try to keep sending crash reports), but nothing that isn’t to be expected at this point.

I’m going to try to use it properly for a while, but I guess my main questions would be:

  • this is a crowded space - what do you see the killer feature being that differentiates Agenda from similar things?
  • when is an iOS client coming? :slight_smile: true adoption is hard without being able to interact with my stuff on iOS too, since ideas occur at all times of the day & night!
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Hi Sam,

I think what differentiates this note taker from others are the organizational capabilities. It is a bit like Xcode versus TextEdit or vi. We have a bunch of metadata and navigational aids that take it beyond just a text editor.

Obviously adding dates to notes is one such piece of metadata. Flagging notes as ‘on the agenda’, and putting that in a prominent place, is also important metadata. Beyond that, there are things you don’t see in note takers: history, jump bar, related items based on tags, saved searches etc. Ie ways to jump between notes to find what you need, and go back again. You can also link between notes etc, so it becomes like a quasi wiki.

I suggest taking a look at the samples. Gives you an idea of the versatility of the app. It isn’t just a writer’s tool or markdown editor; it is designed to be a power tool for note taking.

iOS? Sure. We originally wanted to ship the two together, but we couldn’t pull it off. We already have working iOS prototypes that sync with the Mac, but can’t give any release dates. You know how it goes :wink:



I surely do. Thought you’d say that, and I completely understand. I just wanted to say that it’s definitely a potential barrier for me.

The best test I think is to use it properly, and I’m going to try to do that, but I might find that I have to wait until I’ve got something basic on iOS - just because that’s most likely to be the platform I’ll turn to when something occurs to me that I want to capture before I forget it…

Yeah, I can see what you mean. I used to use Things for many years and it feels a bit like that (though I am very out of date with where it’s got to). I think I moved away from that because I found that for project-work it made more sense to keep my todo lists in an issue tracker, and for the rest, just a very simple text file or Apple’s Reminders was enough.

I definitely don’t feel like I’ve hit the perfect solution though, so I’m very enthusiastic about the idea of something else which is trying to do it.

I’m not trying to be negative or awkward either - just sort of wanting to get an idea of how you imagine it being used and what workflow it would replace.

The examples are great, but it might be interesting to imagine a counter-example of how someone would have done the same thing using existing tools, to illustrate the advantages of this one.

To be honest I probably just need to get a bit more time under my belt using it :slight_smile:

Hi to all. Very excited about the potential of Agenda. Looking forward to seeing it grow.

Just wrote a few notes and all seemed okay. We’ll let know if we uncover any bugs.

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