Configurable order



IF I am not currently wrong when we consult, for example, Today, the items are grouped by project and within each project in order of descending date and time. Personally I find it more natural that the order of date and time is ascending, not descending. And in order not to have to consult the calendar application, it would be ideal to configure the order to be by ascending date and time, all the projects together, that is, a standard agenda. Thanks


You can change the order per project by clicking the project name at the top of the list of notes (we call it the “Jump Bar”). There is a setting for order there.



Thanks Drew.

It is very useful to be able to configure the order of the notes in each project.


But, in the previous message I commented a second case, when we use an overview it always comes grouped by project when to use it in agenda mode (today, tomorrow, 10 days, etc.) Ideally, we should have the notes of all the projects together in order in ascending order. As you can see in the following image, the notes come out with the messy dates when what is needed in that view would be that they are ordered by the date and time.

Thank you so much.


I have tried the configuration of the order of the notes in the project, the problem that I see is that it orders according to the date of change of the note, but not according to the date of the calendar event assigned to it.

In order to function as an agenda I understand that it would be necessary that the order be ascending or descending by the date of the calendar event assigned to the note.



Do you mean when the date of two notes is the same, but the time is different?

I believe we don’t order on time. This gives the freedom to move notes on the same date into the order you chose.



Hello Drew,

Sorry for my English.

I think I’m not explaining myself well and you do not understand me.

I will try to give you an example.

If I access the morning overview I see this:

Project A
    Note A1 event date tomorrow 12:00
    Note A2 event date tomorrow 16:00
    Note A3 event date tomorrow 9:00

Project B
   Note B1 event date tomorrow 10:00
   Note B2 event date tomorrow 8:00

Project C
   Note C1 event date tomorrow 11:00

I think the objective of an overview is to serve as an agenda, today, tomorrow, …

What the application would need is to make it possible for the overview tomorrow to look like this:

Note B2 (Project B) 8:00
Note A3 (Project A) 9:00
Note B1 (Project B) 10:00
Note C1 (Project C) 11:00
Note A1 (Project A) 12:00
Note A2 (Project A) 16:00

In other words, all the notes of all the projects with date for tomorrow will appear in the overview in order of time.

You could give the possibility that if someone wants to see it by project, the notes are grouped by project but within each project ordered by ascending date and time.

If I prefer to see it with the agenda view, the order should be the date and the ascending time of all the notes of all the projects together.

Although it can be ordered by hand, it is an uncomfortable task when we have already assigned date and time to the event of the note.

I hope that with this example you understand me better.



+1 Vote for this. This could help, for example, if you want to see the schedule of notes not using the calendar app but the On the Agenda


I see. So it seems you want the option to group by project, or not group by project. Understood. We’ll see what we can do in future.

Please note that you can filter notes in useful ways. Eg. Click the search field, and then click the dot there to only see On the Agenda items in that list. Or filter using the calendar control there. I know these are not what you are asking for. Just pointing them out as other ways to find stuff.



That is Drew.

It’s about not grouping by project.
And also to order by the date and time of the event.

The difference with the calendar is that here we see the notes with all their texts, this is a great virtue of the Agenda app.

Thank you very much for the alternatives, I already use them, the problem is that all overviews group by project.

Thank you very much for taking it into consideration for the future.


@jarboleya.velneo I find it weird that the notes are not organized by due date / event date automatically or at least that there is no option to change this. Since the name of the app is Agenda and the goal of the app is to have a cohesive agenda, wouldn’t people normally want events in the order that they are “due” or “coming up”.

+1 for having the option to do this at a project level – another +1 for having this occur on an app-wide level where you can change it to the default for all new projects.