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I am still coming to terms with Agenda. Overall, the experience is good.

My question to you all, is, when switching between the Agenda Community and the app interface in iOS, is there a way to stay where you left off in the Agenda Community within the iOS app? Perhaps, it would be better to access the Agenda Community in a browser instead?

The reason being, doing research in the community, I find things of interest to try and or to incorporate into my workflow and more often than not, need to return to where I left off to continue reading and research.

Any help would be great,

If you wish you can indeed access the community also through your browser by simply going to

I use the Discourse app.

I am not familiar with that app. I will check it out. Thx.

@csterneck, is that this one?

We were also recently contacted by the maker of Fig, telling us it should work with the Agenda community. It looks like a nice app as well:

As said, I prefer to access the community through my browser, but it shows it’s a matter of picking what works best for you.


Yes, I use the app (iOS, iPadOS) by Discourse (“Discourse Hub”). They mirror more or less their website to their app. For me it works better as I want to use Agenda only for Agenda dont want to switch inside the app. I follow 2 further Discourse forum, so I have all in one place. On MacOS I use mostly the inn-app access for the Agenda community.

I have never heard about the app „Fig". Thanks for the hint. I installed it and will have a look. But as I saw it is licence based (subscription, brrr …) I will uninstall it again, I am afraid.

Just to be clear we don’t have any affiliation with them, nor do we get any kind of commission, looked like a nice app though, so for some it might be worth the subscription.

I am currently trying the iOS app Discourse Hub. It seems to work quite well, despite the low star reviews. I did run accross a Discourse App that is a paid $100.00 subscription and passed on that. I downloaded Fig, but have yet to try it out.

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The discourse “app” of $100 subscription was probably discourse itself, an installation of the forum software rather than a reader app.

This thread made me try this fig app. This app is very nice to use on the iPhone! Definitely will use more and see if it will stick to my workflow.

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