Command - Tab on iPad OS

What I did:
Pressed Cmd-Tab to switch apps in iPadOS

What happened:
The window showing Cmd shortcuts appears (i.e. the Tab key is not recognised).

What I expected:
To be able to switch between apps. (Note that the Globe-Up Arrow app switcher keyboard shortcut does work).

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
IPadOS 15.6 beta (latest); iPad Pro 12.9 M1; Agenda 14.1.1

This is odd. I just tested, and it seems to work for me in all apps, including Agenda.

When you press tab, do you see the horizontal list of apps appear for switching?

If not, does the switching work in other apps? If it does work in other apps, is there some situation in Agenda where it doesn’t work, and others where it does? Eg. When a note is editing? Does “killing” Agenda fix the issue? Ie swipe up bottom of screen, and swipe Agenda window off top of screen to “kill”.

Kind regards,

Hi Drew

Very odd, but killing and restarting Agenda seems to have done the trick. Thanks.


Must have been something wrong internally. I glitch that put the app in a bad state. Sorry for the trouble.