Command Palette

Hey - I was wondering if there was ever going to be a command palette option. I keep forgetting my keyboard shortcuts across all the apps.

For example, in PyCharm I can just hit “shift shift” to open a quick access window that fully controls the app.

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There are already a bunch of options for this. We call them actions. You type a back slash and go from there. Text Actions Cheat Sheet

On Mac, you can also bring up a formatting palette using View > Show Formatting Window (it has a shortcut).

I maybe wrong but the actions only act on a single note.

I’m asking about things like expanding or collapsing all notes, jumping between different notes, creating a new window.

I think menus serve this purpose on the Mac. Eg. Note > Expand All.

It’s rare to see a command palette. Sounds more like a windows solution.

Appreciate the feedback!

Thanks Drew - I understand its not on your roadmap but I will say it isn’t rare to see a command palette for keyboard centric workflows and it is very much a Mac thing.

A hand-full of big name examples with some form of quick jump / command palette / etc:

  1. Things
  2. iaWriter
  3. IntelliJ products
  4. Craft
  5. Obsidian
  6. VSCode (ok, ya got me on that one :wink: )
  7. 1Password

Again no worries — just a preference to type an intent instead of hunt with a mouse.

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Note that we do have some quick entry options, and may expand them in future.

Typing a backslash in a note gives a large number of actions you can apply in the note. I would argue this is very similar to many of the command palettes in other apps.

Don’t forget the markdown shortcuts we support for editing. These are often easier than using a keyboard shortcut or palette. Eg. Type # Title and you have a heading, etc.

There is also File > Open Quickly, which is a fast way to navigate. And most of the lists support type navigation too.

We will think about ways to expand on these with more actions. Thanks for the feedback!

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