Command + Format makes Cursor Jump Up

What I did:

  1. In Agenda for MacOS, open a note
  2. Copy-paste a text that you wish to format further with either Bold, Italic, Underline,
  3. Select the text and press COMMAND + B (or any other formatting shortcut: COMMAND + I or U).
  4. The cursor will jump to the title or the previous text that I did an action on.
  5. Repeat to the next paragraph. Select a text, COMMAND + B.
  6. The cursor once again jumps up to the previous text (in the previous paragraph) which I had made bold.

What happened:
The cursor automatically jumps up to the title of the Note or the previous text that I did an action on.

What I expected:
The cursor to stay where it is and the text that I selected for formatting to stay selected (in this case I wish to add multiple formatting to the text: Underline + Italics).

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest MacOS Agenda version running on the latest Mac OS Mojave

Update: I have been able to replicate the issue and added details above.

This is very odd. I just tested my version, and there was no problem using CMD-B. If there were, I’m sure we would have heard a lot of complaints, because many people use that.

So I am not quite sure what is going on. Is it possible the shift key or caps lock is on? Or did you change the command for CMD-B in the System Preferences under Keyboard?

Does restarting the app help? Restarting the mac?

Hi @drewmccormack, sorry for the misunderstanding, it doesn’t have to explicitly be CMD-B but any formatting CMD-keystroke. Can be CMD-U, CMD-I… I am not sure about other shortcut CMD-keystrokes. So far I have noticed this just for Bold, Underline, and Italics.

The Shift and Caps lock keys are not on. My CMD-B behavior for other programs works fine and I haven’t made any changes in the System Preferences under Keyboard.

I have restarted the App and the Mac. This is something that has occurred on more than one occasion…

So is it a permanent problem, or does it come and go? Ie does CMD-B sometimes work properly in Agenda, or does it never work properly?

I believe it is a permanent problem but not in the way that you mentioned.

CMD-B and it’s fellow shortcuts does sometimes work properly.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

I haven’t quite nailed down how to faithfully always trigger the issue. The steps that I detailed previously triggered it. However CMD-B does not always trigger the issue.

So maybe the issue is not with CMD-B alone but CMD-B in a certain context? I am sorry that I am currently unable to be more precise and help you further. When I encounter this issue again (as I am sure I will), I will try to be careful and record what happened. Hopefully, over time, I can figure out the pattern and see what really triggers the jump back.

For CMD-B to work, you do have to have a cursor in the main text editor (not the title) of the note. I assume you are doing that.

If it happens again, can you perhaps take a screenshot, and also can you see if restarting the app fixes it?

Hi @drewmccormack, yes the cursor is in the main text editor as I have highlighted the text to change the formatting before doing they shortcut for the formatting.

Sure, I will try with the screenshot. Ideally it would be some kind of screencast so that you can see the cursor jump from the highlighted text that was formatted to a previous text selection. I shall do my best! :blush:

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