Command Click Calendars & Reminders On & Off

Just getting around to experimenting with Calendar and Reminders integration. No doubt I have more than most, but it would be great if you could allow Command Clicking on & off the entire list of Calendars and/or Reminders.

This should be simple.

A step better would be to allow us to group them a la BusyCal’s groups, making turning groups on and off easier. Frankly, I’d like to see this ability more available than behind the preferences pane. If I can stay in Agenda (vs switching between apps like Calendar and Reminders) being able to easily optionally see and turn off some of my calendars is critical to my sanity. :wink:

You mean in the Agenda preferences?

I see where your suggestions are coming from but not sure this goes to “pro” to be worth adding, we’d expect most users to want to keep a fixed set of calendars. We have had some requests for coupling the shown calendars to for example the category you’re in (work → work calendars, home > home calendars), but to be honest even that is probably too much out of scope for Agenda.

Surely the first part of the request is easy enough to implement?

I agree with the other requests as well; anything to help declutter and remove distractions from the tasks at hand is helpful.

I’m not sure there’s a convention for this behaviour, how would command-click work?

Try in Apple Mac Calendars list. Command click any calendar on or off, and they all check on or off. This is what prompts me to ask.


I see, we’ll see what can be done, thanks!