Columns? At some point in time

Seems like might be more a use for tables, assuming we can make them a bit more powerful.

We don’t really want to make Agenda into a word processor or desktop publishing solution (eg Pages). It is a note taker.

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I absolutely agree that Agenda is a notetaker and not a word processor. However…many, many great note-taking systems require you to break out your “page” into sections for better note-taking. Perhaps there is a note-taking use case for Agenda? …just maybe

@jscotta The post was just tossing pasta at the ceiling. I have had more than a few instances where a reference quote was from a multicolumn source. I put a couple of contextual lines as a block quote which is used as a link title. There are (rare) times when, if not too long, I’ll include the full source text in the note by exporting to Ulysses, arrange as a single column and import back to Ag. Ninety five percent of the time when creating a document, Agenda is a story board in progress with lots of links saved revisions, lists, and notes to myself. Amazingly, it’s all in a manipulatable chronological order with lots of bells and whistles. It then goes to Ulysses and finalized in word.:flushed: So, @drewmccormack , Agenda represents first and second gears in the transmission of thought to finished paper.