Colors & Palettes

I work as a designer, and would love a way to bundle colors in Agenda. A couple of ways it could be presented:

  • Allow a note to be just a color - show a nice big swatch in the list
  • Allow a note to contain several colors - show a palette of swatches
  • Extract dominant colors from images, and show them on the note or as part / overlaid the image

It would also be interesting to have data detectors to read colors from text in common formats, and logic to add color metadata to notes. I.e. cluster colors with their common names so you can search for «orange» to get orange notes.

It would be nice to be able to copy the colors in different ways, sometimes I want an image rectangle, other times I would want the hex or RGB representation. Or maybe the pantone swatch style. I’m happy for anything I can get in this direction. :sunny:


If I’m honest, it seems a bit too much of an edge case for Agenda. There would be other apps much better for this (eg. Sketch etc).

So I don’t think building the functionality in directly would make a lot of sense. However, we do support attachments. If you have an app that can produce the palettes, you could attach the results in Agenda, and have them sync to all devices.

Or you could consider just using images or screen grabs of the colors, and putting that in Agenda.

On the attachments, we have some nice improvements coming later this year.

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The reason I am suggesting this is because I have been testing and later subscribing to, which is a bookmarking/note-taking hybrid.

I understand it is not necessarily a direction you wish to take Agenda, but I’m requesting it anyway for your consideration.

Look forward to the improved attachments, I am sure that will get me back on the subscriber list. :+1:t2:


As an adult with ADD, one compensatory too I use is color-coding. After spending time on Agenda, pretty soon it all just looks like black text on white background and becomes more difficult to differentiate. Those who don’t have this disorder won’t understand what I’m talking about but those who do, will.

It’s something we hope to add sooner rather than later. Thanks for the input!

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Likewise - it’s something that I use as a strategy to get around my dyslexia.

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