Color Text & Highlight Shortcut

Hello community:

It would be awesome being able to open a text-formating board through a shortcut, wich is at the same time customised. I need it! I use colours and highlights in different colours all the time.

Thanks in advance.

What platform are you using? Normally, for formatting on macOS, we would recommend using the keyboard shortcuts or markdown syntax. I guess for colors, you would have to use the keyboard shortcuts.

On iPadOS, I guess you could use keyboard commands too, if you have a physical keyboard.

Shortcuts can’t really change the actual workings of an app, so they couldn’t put up a panel that the app doesn’t yet have. I guess your vote is for some sort of floating format pane(?) Note that on iOS, you can access the formats directly above the keyboard, and on macOS, you get a pane by clicking the little button to the left of your cursor.

I see your point, but on macos I try to use the mouse as less as possible when I’m writing (both text and music), so I can run smoothly. So, applying a color to a text implies get the mouse or the trackback (that means quitting the hands from keyboard) and doing some clicks here and there.

I work with Agenda as a music Teacher and as a music composer every day. With that been said, right now Agenda is fine and help me managing curricular plans and music projects, but with some quicker acceses to formatting text (without the mouse/trackpad) it could be mind-blowing for my workflow.

Thank you very very much for your answer.

NOTE: sorry for my English :wink:

If you just want to highlight a piece of text you can type it in between two equal signs, like this ==this becomes highlighted==, if you want to change the formatting by typing you can also use the actions, for example typing \color(green) will change the text color to green, and \highlight(red) will change the text to be highlighted red, typing \clear will remove the formatting again. Note that this only works before you input text, it doesn’t work on selected text like you can with cmd+! for example to highlight text.

For more details on actions, see Text Actions Cheat Sheet and this video: