Collapsing notes on iOS is very difficult

many times I get into trouble collapsing notes on the iPhone (portrait mode, 8 Plus). Just now again, and it made me quite „upset“.
There is no space to collapse a note (double click „somewhere“ in the title area allows me to edit the headline of the note). I know to use the two-finger-gesture but also this works also not well if the note has only e.g. one line. It happens very easy to open/move the note below or above.
There should be one icon to expand (there is the „-") AND to collapse the note. Or a triangle like in Finder (to open folder) at the same location.
To use two different ways from the user for an action (expanding and collapsing an note) is not consequent.


Agree with you on oddity of collapsing notes. My issue is more on double tapping. Usually double tap to select text but ended collapsing. Happened so many times. Don’t really like double tapping to collapse, prefer just +/-


I find that double tapping on the circle next to note works great for expanding and collapsing the note.

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Another good reason to remove double tapping title to collapse

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Oh, I have to admit that I did not know this way - double tapping the circle to expand/collaps notes.

In my opinion also not very practical and „user friendly“. First, the note has to be selected, then a double tap works. If the note is not selected a double tap only selects it.
I have never seen that a double click/-tap on a a checkbox/button also results in an action.
Here we have a „button“ which includes three functions:

  1. the visual button/circle shows the status of the note (done/marked or not done/not marked),
  2. a single tap on the circle of a selected (!) note opens the menu for further actions connected to the note and
  3. a double tap on the circle of a selected (!) note expands/collapses the note. A double tap on the circle of a non-selected note just selects the note.

On the other side I see that there is only one „line" in the note for a lot of informations (title, date, status) and many functions (expanding, collapsing, pin note, change to foot note, mark as „Done“ or „On the Agenda“), so it is very tricky to include all this in this very limited space of the note. Maybe it makes sense to add a second line below the title for further actions/visible details. This would also allow to show more of the title itself.

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Note that you can get a menu item to do it using the dot.

We have big changes coming to the title area very soon, probably a week or two. Stay tuned for that.


Exited to see the changes!

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Sadly, you’re losing your time… The developers seem they can’t be able to understanding our problems collapsing notes :man_facepalming:t2:

@delisau I really don’t understand your remark, you haven’t seen the changes we mention two posts above yours:

So how can you come to this conclusion?

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@delisau: Well, let us see what the update v11 brings.
I have to admit that I expect a lot and would like to see a complete new designed header of a note.

:thinking: Seeing is believing…

Some of us already talked about this some time ago, and all of you didn’t seem to understand it. All of you were even proud to use a - sign to expand :flushed:.

At least, that’s what I understood in those conversations. I will be waiting for the changes in updates you are talking about. I hope they satisfy us.

Yes, so my suggestion would be to first see and before posting these kind of remarks :sunglasses:


Just experienced this today as well, little cluncy. Often the edit the header mode is activated, when I try to collapse the note.

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Have you tried the two-finger pinch gesture? You might prefer it over double tap. If you do use double tap, and if possible, try hitting the empty area in the title area if there is any, it will prevent the title editing from being accidentally triggered.


This is awesome! I somehow never noticed this before - love it!

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Nice, even a fancy explanation pop-up when you do it the first time, well done!

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As a new user (on iOS), I am glad I am not the only one with this feedback!
Agenda is well built, has great biz model, and thoughtful features (even power users), but this UX needs revisiting especially on small screens.

It is really difficult to open/collapse notes.

  • Double tap is not great since once note is opened, the keyboard slides up then back down as the note is collapsed. Double tapping a moving note title is tough!
  • Pinch sounds like a good idea but actually solves nothing for people with multiple short notes. AFAIK you have to pinch within the note area.

I question why isn’t it a single tap to open a note?
Another indirect solution might be to have a toggle (open/close all notes) at the top?

ALSO, the left circle (?) on the phone has too small touch surface area.

Overall feels like way too much mystery meat / gesture in favor of simpler aesthetics.
I had to read the help section just to know how to trash a note on iOS!

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What device are you struggling on? I just tried on my iPhone, and it seemed very easy. Big area at the top to tap. Once collapsed, you get a one click button on the left to expand. Didn’t seem that difficult (It used to be worse, believe me!)

Can you be more specific? What device? What is the challenge with a double tap?

The thing that helps me the most is making sure the keyboard is closed before trying to expand / collapse a note. If it’s open, you’re right, it’s frustrating to try to collapse it. So I think of it as keyboard up = “edit note contents” and keyboard hidden = “mess with the notes themselves.” With the keyboard hidden, double-tapping above the note title works well on my iPhone 6S.

I agree, it was much more worse. Some updates ago the header got an facelifting and several changes/fixes.
But for me, it is still confusing is that one element is used for a single tab (menu) and double tab (collapse/expand), plus the symbol itself changes depending on the status (circle, minus, …).
My opinion is, from the point of UI, is it a not good idea adding to such an important multiple functions and two ways of activing it for different actions. As you can see, some users are confused and even do not see this way of using it. Sometimes adding an event also ends up editing the title of a note.
For me, the header needs a redesign still.