Collapsed as default?

Could this feature be an option either by project or notes to default to collapsed view?

My notes list just runs together otherwise and It does not look good. Having to set this for every note get tedious.

Thank you

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Do you mean you want notes collapsed as soon as they are created? Or do you mean just that somehow they are collapsed, and only open when you click on them or something?

The latter would be a completely different app IMO. Agenda was designed to be a long stream of notes. It is a central part of the approach. If we changed that, we would just be like other note taking apps.

But I could imagine you can go a long way with the Note > Collapse All menu. Did you try that?


I use the Collapse All a lot. I very rarely see the benefit of having all notes in a project open. Perhaps it’s because my notes tend to be a least a sceen long (on Mac). I’m curious to understand the benefit you see of ‘a long stream of notes’. I can see the benefit if my notes were generally a few sentences - rather like a thread in this community!

I ask, not to criticise, but to understand if I could perhaps benefit from thinking of notes more as paragraphs than pages - which is what I take from your point.

How/where do I find that little ditty?

On Mac: Top menu: Note >

I’d don’t think it’s possible on iOS, but I’m not sure.

FWIW We have some ideas in the area of choosing certain view options that would allow you to only show the content of selected/notes being edited, but that’s still quite a bit out I’m afraid.

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I would prefer all the notes in a project be collapsed by default. I was just thinking there may be different approaches to this like it being a project setting versus the Note.

Sorry for any confusion

That’s what I’m using, iPadOS 13.

I also do not see this Note option in iOS or on my iPad.

This option is not available on iOS, only on macOS

There is a jump menu for the notes if you tap the project title at the top of the list. This can fulfil some of the role of a list of collapsed notes, because you get an overview, and can jump to any note.

If all the notes are collapsed all the time, how would you use it? Would you have to select a note, and it would open, and then close again when you deselect? Just curious how you see that working.

You described it exactly.
“Would you have to select a note, and it would open, and then close again when you deselect?”

Touch the project and you see the list of notes. Touch the note you want to use and when you are done the note collapses in the list of notes for the project.

This for me is a cleaner look and feel and helps me be productive, especially if I need to update or create a note on my iPhone.

Appreciate the feedback. I think this would be a huge change to the way the app works, and the philosophy of it too, so it is not very likely we will do this, I’m afraid.

The jump menu at the top kind of gives you that overview you are looking for, and the way most people use the app, they want to very quickly skim to recent notes above/below the current one. It is much faster to view such notes in Agenda than in other note taking apps, where you have to change the selection. This is a design decision, and will not appeal to everyone, of course.

In any case, really appreciate your input. We certainly take it on board.

Absolutely get this, and it works for me with shorter notes. But with longer notes, notes that go over a screen or two on Mac, this gets tedious. Some kind of see-collapsed state, a bit like the ‘read more’ break on blogs, would be really helpful. This could be a global preference, (eg ‘show only start of long notes’ )

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cmd-opt-up and down to collapse / expand the current note are slick for moving around quickly.

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We do have various ideas for note “summaries”. Similar to what you describe. Probably be part of search changes in future.

For now, there is collapse all, at least on the Mac, so you could use that to get a fully collapsed list and just open what you want to see.

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So I just realized that if I double tap the note indicator it collapses the note and double tap again and it expands…
Well Played!

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Yes, doing that at the top will collapse/expand. On iOS you can also pinch inwards with thumb and finger to collapse it.

I would like this capability too. I have a project named Meetings that contains a subproject for each person I meet with… Roughly 15 people. Each note represents a meeting or conversation with that person. I definitely would like those projects to always be collapsed, but a search should be able to see “inside” regardless of collapsed state.