Collapse problem

When I tap the note header, could it just collapse/uncollapse, instead of place a cursor there and show keyboard. I rarely rename my notes, but I collapse them all the time…

Many people do rename notes, and it is an important feature so we can’t just hide that.

If you tap right at the top, I believe it will collapse. You can also use the dot button to use the menu to collapse the note. In short, if you experiment a little, I think you will be able to find a place to do it easily without hitting the title.

Btw, a double-tap will collapse/uncollapse

I know, thank you. Please see the video - this is what I mean - I doubletap quite far from the title, but the keyboard appears anyway. I would suggest to use double tap to collapse, and long press to rename.

As Drew mentioned, renaming is too common to warrant such a change, sorry.

btw, note that you can also use a pinch gesture to collapse/uncollapse, see Getting the most out of Agenda for iPhone, note taking on the go