Collapse/expand a note with keyboard shortcuts is flaky



What I did: Select a note and press ⌘⌥↑ to collapse it, then immediately press ⌘⌥↓ to expand it again.

What happened: Sometimes it collapses, sometimes not. Expanding again almost never works.

What I expected: The note should collapse and expand in a consistent way.


Thanks for reporting the issue, is this with the latest version or are you on a previous beta version still perhaps?


Using the released 1.1 version.


Thanks for clarifying, we’ll look into making this more reliable.


I tried restarting Agenda, and then it was reliable about five times after which it started failing again.


This unreliable and erratic keyboard-shortcut behavior persists in 2.1.1. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the up or down arrow will toggle the expand/collapse, but sometimes not (more often than not neither of them work), and rarely do the proper commands work as designed. Thanks for taking a look at a fix in a coming release. (it might also be useful to sometime have an option to show a notes’ tags when collapsed).


It’s indeed still pending further investigation.


We believe this should be much more reliable in the 2.2 update, please let us know if you still encounter issues with the keyboard shortcuts for collapse/expand.