Collapse Category and project in OTA

It would be useful to be able to collapse a category or project in On the Agenda by double clicking on the category name.

I tend to have the following notes On the Agenda

  • my weekly and daily plan notes
  • notes I’m working with now
  • notes I’ll be working with later today
  • notes with ideas I’ve jotted in my Inbox project

When I’m planning my day and/or week, I’m constantly scrolling up and down OTA to read the notes in a particular project and/or category, and then deciding how/when to take stuff forward, and writing that in my daily / weekly plans.

And when I’m working on one Project, I tend to have a note I’m actively writing in, while also needing to flip up and down to read other relevant notes.

It would be great to hide notes in other categories that are distracting me. I realise I could probably use search to do something similar - but setting up the search, saving it, etc, is an additional mental overhead when I really want to focus right now!

An analog to the Collapse Notes function would be ideal.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll take it into consideration!

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+1 that would be great!

+1 from me too!