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Thank you for reading ,
Dear developer, I have been using this app for 3 months , I now realize I need a feature urgently, in fact willing to pay for this feature

The story is this : I have been jotting down lots of ideas with agenda as and when my ideas :bulb: appears. Great tool it is

The problem that I facing : it is very difficult to rearrange my ideas in a logical order even thought there is topics , because the phone screen is small to see everything, i end up have to manually collapse and expand many many times and wasting lots lot time

The feature I request : a button to expand and collpse all topic in a project , so that I can arrange it like my preferable sequence ; it is like arranging the table of contents of a book

Thank you for reading

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We have this option in the Mac version indeed (under the Note menu), on iOS it only works using the keyboard shortcut (Command-Shift-Option-Down/Up arrow) on iPad at the moment. We’ll think about a way to allow this also on iOS.

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This would be helpful. I tend to avoid trying to actually rearrange and work with notes on iOS because it’s so fiddly. I use iOS for capture and reading, MacOS for working with notes. I’d love to be able to use Agenda fully, easily, on iOS.

Perhaps some kind of floating smart button like in GoodTasks could give easy access to commands?

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Totally Agree Expand and Collapse all BUTTON for iOS is needed.
Would be a great enhancement. :+1:

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