Collapsable subtopics

Love how the product is coming along. The two issues I have with commiting to Agenda is:

  1. Not able to add subfolders

After looking at everything out there. My ideal solution would be:

  1. Allowing be to store “folders” via tag structures. Like Bear does. This solves the problem of having unlimited subfolders and easily cross referencing any entry.

  2. Allow me to collapse subtopics. (Like WorkFlowy does)
    This would allow me to have one folder per Entity with multiple topics under them without it being a massive scrolling experience.

I would buy this - upgrade - in a heartbeat if you had these two features.

Congrats on the iOS release and Making apples list! Well done guys.

My current tech stack:
Apple note (bug has caused me to stop using)

Could all be replaced with the above features.

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Thank you so much for your kind feedback and suggestions. We’ll unlikely replace or add tag based browsing in the sidebar and are committed to the folder type browsing. Having said that, we see a lot of requests for subcategories which we’ll consider to add. Note that you can already collapse categories (clicking Hide on Mac, or using the pinch / double tap gesture on iOS).


No problem…just dreaming of my ideal. Please consider collapsing topics like WorkFlowy does. Then I dont so many sub Folders. Thanks looking great.

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+1 for subcategories. I have a a large number of “projects” such as different committee etc. Without subcategories the list just gets too long and hard to navigate quickly.

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Just +1ing this thread to make sure that you don’t get beat by any competition like Workflowy. I love Agenda, and I want to keep seeing it thrive. Thank you for doing a good job, keep kicking butt!

Another + for this. I don’t know if this is the same thread I voted this one. Hehe. But I do need this badly same for those who are obsessed with hierarchies and nested folders. Hehe

I was checking in to see the status of subfolders - I was hoping that had been added since I last tried Agenda. It’s a deal breaker for me although there are some nice features that have been added, like the ability to move notes around. Still, the moving of notes is a little clunky since you can only move them up or down one level instead of dragging them.

Yes, subcategories are now available as a premium feature, see Get All Features

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