Collape/expand Categories iOS

still it seems to be not consitent how to expand and collape categories (iOS): To expand I touch the „-„ but to collapse I have to double touch the title XYZ and choose „Collapse XYZ“.

For me it should be similar to e.g. the Finder and how to expand and collage the content of a folder (in List view) - doing the same (clicking on the small triangle) for expanding and collapsing - like: Double touch the title „XYZ“ to expand and double touch the title „XYZ“ to collape the projekts.


You can use the pinch gesture to both collapse and expand.

I asked the WWW but I could not find out what exactly could be the “pinch gesture” to expand/collape a category.

Why not using a plain „+“ to expand and a „-„ to collapse a category?

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The pinch gesture is the two finger zoom in and out gesture you also use on photos, web content etc. Start your two fingers a few centimeters apart above and below the category and/or projects in a category such that the center between your fingers is above the category itself or one of its projects, now move your fingers closer together and the category will collapse. Conversely, start your two fingers close to each other on the category and move them apart, it will expand a collapsed category.

Alternatively, double-tap a category and use the collapse/expand option in the menu that is shown.

Here’s an animated gif where I recorded the two methods in the simulator, notice I do the pinch on purposely slow to show the feedback during the pinch, you’d normally do it faster:


Also notice that, when collapsing, the center of the pinch can be on any point within the category, it doesn’t need to center on the category heading (as with expanding) itself but can also be above one of the projects within the category. It’s also fine for the fingers to be on other categories, all that matters is where the center between the two fingers is hovering above.

One more thing, to expand you can also tap the dash that shows when a category is collapsed.

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Thanks for the GIF and details. I tried it and works!
I will add it to my daily work work with Agenda :slight_smile:.

Still I wonder why there is not dash when the category is expanded.

There’s no dash in the expanded state because then pretty much all your categories would have a dash and that adds a lot of visual clutter

From the point of GUI and interacting I would say it need also a similar „symbol“ to collape the categories, not consequent to have a symbol to expand but no to collaps.
But I tried it the pinch gesture a several times and I already internalized it ;-)!

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How can i collapse/expand category on Mac?

There’s currently a bug on 10.14 Mojave in Light mode where upon hovering over a category, the show/hide text is displayed in white, making it hard to see. It should however show next to the category title on the right, near the divider line. If you click in that area you can expand/contract the category. We’ll bring a fix as soon as possible.

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I also support a dedicated button to expand and collapse. At the moment, double tapping in the iOS app and pinch are both inconsistent; the latter is at least tolerable but the former is very annoying.