Collaboration's limited to Agenda and Apple only

I find this a huge drawback. Anyone who wants to collaborate MUST have Agenda installed. That also means they have to be in Apple’s ecosystem.

I find this very limiting. What if I wanted to collaborate with someone who doesn’t have it installed and is on Windows/Linux/Other OS?

This is one of the most common use cases - I draft a note, I want someone’s opinion. I want them to just leave a comment instead of install additional software they otherwise may not have any use for in their workflow.

Agenda is a native Apple application, unlike other options, which are often web apps. It makes it much more difficult for us to offer such a solution, with Android/Windows/Web collaboration, because our current code base is focussed on Apple’s ecosystem.

Honestly, at this point in time, if that is really important to you, you would be better off with a cross platform tool.

We do hope to work some on sharing via the web, probably read-only at first, but perhaps with editing later. But this could take us some time to achieve. Still quite a few projects that have a higher priority.

Thanks for the feedback!

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