Collaboration please...shared iCloud for now

Pardon me for harping in this (again :pensive:) but I just realized collaboration is the one big thing that has kept me from embracing Agenda fully, instead of just occasionally dabbling (even though I just hopefully upgraded ;-).

I so much want to use it fully but my life just overlaps too much with others and it seems such a barrier not to be able to cooperate.

That said, “we” are going to try the shared iCloud account idea for now and see if that can work. Wish us luck, but please, please, put collaboration near the top of the list. I know it’s a big leap but one that will pay literal dividends if you make it a premium feature.

[For those that don’t know, apparently you can sort of collaborate if you share via a shared iCloud account; we’ll see how that goes, for now.]

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It has been a while, and not with Agenda, that my wife and I used a shared iCloud. It was for similar circumstances, with apps we needed to collaborate on. The problem we had, all our missed calls and contacts were the same on both phones. We tried with Verizon and also Apple to resolve those issues and were not able to get anywhere. It has been 3-5 years since that venture, so hopefully all works out well for you.

Collaboration is a high priority we hope to get to soon enough.

For now, I don’t recommend sharing iCloud accounts. It becomes messy. ALL your data is shared. Contacts, calendars, etc.

You should instead get a free Dropbox account, and sign in with that shared account in Agenda on each device. That will sync via Dropbox without messing up your system.

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That’s good to know. I never thought of that. I never thought of utilizing Dropbox.

If that is done, will Apple reminders and tasks still work via Agenda @drewmccormack ?

Very good points. I was thinking a third iCloud account that would be shared, as a 2nd account for each perhaps deliberately sharing some common things, specifically common contacts and calendars. Not sure it that would work or not. Will probably at least try. But also Dropbox. Thanks for that idea. Curious how that would work with Reminders.

Yes, those will still sync via the reminders app (which itself syncs through iCloud). Each user will see its own calendar and reminders in Agenda.

Ahhh, very good point. And those users could still share calendars and reminder lists with their partners. It would be cool if we could access multiple dropbox accounts, so we might separate personal from group. I wonder if that might be a quicker/interim path to collaboration?

Are you able to utilize the sharing of the Agenda-App folder within dropbox to a coworker. Or do you both have to literally use the same dropbox account?

According to this, it looks like all need to be in the same account. I think that’s why the suggestion for a free Dropbox account, also free to share.

It is not necessary to use your own Dropbox account. Agenda will sign you in to Dropbox independent of your computer/iPhone. So you could have some other shared account you make for free just for the purpose of syncing Agenda.

But be aware: It is a full sync, not selective. You both will have the same data.

We have started working on sharing of notes now. Hopefully it will arrive later this year.

Sounds like it’s just worth waiting then. Thanks!