Collaboration of projects

Agenda has become the most important tool for managing my thoughts, research, writing, and, in conjunction with Things 3, my projects. I absolutely love it and commend you for your great work!

I’d like to put my vote on the table for project collaboration.

I’m enjoying the note collaboration, but I have several working relationships that would significantly benefit from being able to share a project, obviously allowing for the sharing of the nested notes, topic differentiation, and better tracking of content and their timeliness.

(A shared Dropbox won’t work as I’d have too many accounts and windows to track.)

Thanks for listening!


It is definitely something we will consider in future. It is more a question of balancing things with other projects that are more in demand ATM.

Thanks for the feedback!

(Sorry for my grossly delayed response.)

Understood, Drew. Thanks for your response.

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