Clicking "Add a new note to this event" against calendar event broken

What I did: Clicked on “Add a new note to this event” icon against future calendar event today.

What happened: Calendar view changes to yesterday.

What I expected: New note to be created.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 5.1 MacOS

I’ve got a video capture of this behaviour.

Google appears to be having problems processing videos. I’ve noticed this on my phone too over the past couple of days. The video seems to play okay if you visit the URL which I’ve had to break up below to stop the forum software from parsing it.

drive (dot) google (dot) com/open?id=1DgEUEMQKbq6CEnhFRfcDiZvxTtoKNI62

I can’t see the video for some reason, but I think I am experiencing the same problem today.

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll investigate

Just did some testing and it all works fine here. Having looked at the video again, could the problem be that Agenda is not recognising that the event you clicked has a linked note already? At least not when you hover over it, but then when you click it it jumps to that linked note?

The event I clicked on is the 09:30 stand up on Fri 22 which does NOT have any existing notes against it. I’m clicking on the link icon which appears when I hover over the event in order to create a new note against it, but when I click the calendar jumps to the previous day.

I’ve also just tried to recreate the issue on the same machine and am unable to.

Thanks for the follow up. We have a major update entering beta testing in 2-3 weeks that has the calendar part completely rewritten, would be great if you could check if things have been fixed in this version.

Okay, I can now recreate the issue…

  1. I first click into a note which is already linked to an existing past calendar event. The calendar changes to the day of that event. Usually, I do this to copy the contents of the previous day’s stand up note (the ability to create duplicate notes or set up templates would help here, guys!).
  2. I then change the calendar view to today.
  3. Click on the icon to add a new note to an upcoming calendar event.

If you look again at the video clip I posted, you can see that focus is on an existing event note on the 21st March before I click on the add a new note to an event button.

Perfect, thank you, that’s super helpful. We’ll dive into it.