Clickable numbers (phone)

When adding a number it converts to a clickable dial link. That’s ok. But that link spreads over multiple lines. So I can’t click the line above or even second line above (or below) to edit without initiating the dial process. I think we had that with URLs before.

iPadOS 13.2, Agenda current.



Hi Mick,
I guess you mean the “tap area” spreads too wide, right?
Good news: we just fixed this. Will be in the next release.
Kind regards,

Yep. So it will be in the beta. Yay.

Btw. I have a checklist above an inserted pdf (full width). When tapping a checkmark the focus jumps around like crazy. Does not happen when the pdf is thumbnail.

Have a look if that still happens in the beta and let us know if so.

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I’d be glad if that annoying numbers to dial link conversion were optional.

fwiw I’ve noticed that the format matters. So 555-555-555 becomes clickable, whereas (555) 555-5555 doesn’t (which I personally find frustrating, but could be a workaround for your case)

I had 0177-111111111 and it had been converted. So I removed the “-”. Still a link. Maybe it works when typed from scratch without the hyphen. Annoying anyways. Especially because you can’t even select and copy the plain number. It then copies smth like [0177-11111](tel 0177-111111) which I know is the iOS trigger for calling a number, but it drives me nuts. I don’t want to make a call on the iPad.

Thanks anyways man.

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I believe you can set these substitutions in the settings app. You should be able to turn it off. We just use the system setting.

Using fixed width format (eg backticks) should also avoid the link.