Clickable link back to Agenda note from iOS Reminders

What I did:
Create a reminder in Agenda. Works.

What happened:
The link to the Agenda note (x-callback-url?) is visible as a note but isn’t clickable. If I allow OmniFocus to import the reminder the link is clickable and works well.
(I’m trying to keep things straightforward and move to using Agenda + Reminders. I want to remove OmniFocus from my workflow.)

What I expected:
To be able to click on the Reminder link (in Reminders) and be taken back to Agenda. In the same way as OmniFocus.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
I’m using latest version of Agenda on iPad and IPhone. iOS 12.4.

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I have a similar issue. Using the link I can get back to Agenda from GoodTask, but not from Reminders

Same here–I made one link that does work but others don’t, and I can see the difference between the working one and the ones that don’t.

Alas, this is a limit of what Apple offers to third party developers, see Reminders features on iOS

We would greatly appreciate your help in filing a request with Apple to ask them to open up this feature.

Will do now.

It’s a shame Apple has locked it down like this because I really like the way that the reminder is marked as completed in Agenda (saves an unnecessary step). It doesn’t work if the reminder is imported into OmniFocus and completed there.

Luckily it works in GoodTasks because GT is basically an interface to access Apple’s Reminders.

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Yes, just checked it out and it works very nicely. Also just tried Fantastical which links back too.

I really like the way that this works for calendar events, too! I can see how this is going to be an absolute delight to use. (Strangely, the link in Apple’s Calendar works - unlike Reminders.)

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