Clickable address, phone numbers

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I found Agenda at the Mac AppStore and i am very impressed. I like the concept and try something out. What I am missing are clickable addresses and phone numbers. Is this on your agenda?


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Good request. Thanks!

Indeed, it would be good to have that. We want to integrate more with contacts at some point, and that may be the best time to add this functionality.

Have you tried tel:1-408-555-5555 That might already work.

Yes, you are right. With tel: this works fine. But a better approach is the automatically detection of a phone number, similar to the iPhone calendar app, where it is very useful feature.

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I think it actually might already be in there. Check Edit > Substitutions > Data Detectors. Think that is disabled by default, but that should be what does telephone numbers etc.


Seems not to work. I’ve enabled the Data Detectors but no recognition of a phone number.

OK, I’ll try to take a look at it. Thanks for reporting the issue.

Please make this a priority, I just bought iOS version to use as an alternative (maybe adjunct) to Things. The notes are great, but NEED the ability to click a telephone number in a note and have option to call or text. Thank you. Cool app. Have a wonderful day!

Update: In the next update of Agenda for iOS phone numbers will be recognized.

Could a feature be added to turn off this formatting? It’s recognizing all number strings over 7 digits as numbers. Makes it hard to format notes since the clickable link often expands into the text following a number.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll think about it. One way to avoid this formatting (on Mac) is to use backticks around the numbers (fixed width style), e.g.


On iOS this is available in the bar above the keyboard.