Clearing Checklist

Hello! Loving this app. I’m wondering, is there a faster way to clear a checklist, then unchecking them off one by one?

I use one of my project pages for daily checklists, it would be so much faster if there was a “clear all” feature to erase lists marked off as checked.

By clearing a checklist, do you mean resetting any checked items to an unchecked state? If so, you can select the items in the checklist, press cmd-shift-c to remove the checklist bullet, and then press it again to reinstate them:


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That is a nice trick from Pat, but there is a more direct way on the Mac:

  1. Select text and open Edit menu
  2. Go into Checklist
  3. Choose Mark All as Checked. You may need to use it twice to get it to uncheck.
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