Clearing all Agenda data

What I did: Spent a couple of days playing wildly with Agenda to get the hang ot if, then tried to revert to a completely clean install to start over again with my “real” stuff.

What happened: Could not delete all existing data, even after going into /Library and deleting the Memento folders there. (I assume I erased the local copy of the data, but the program retrieved the sync copy from iCloud?)

What I expected: To be able to get back to a completely clean install, without manually going through and erasing everything. Is there a way? And does this also mean that if someone stops using Agenda, there’s no easy way to completely erase the data files?

Indeed if you have synced with iCloud it’s not that trivial, the easiest way is to use a small reset tool we used during the betas, you can download it from:
Let me know if that helps.

Yep, the reset tool took care of it … many thanks, Alex.

It would probably be good to bake that function into the primary app at some point, so Agenda won’t leave orphaned data in cloud storage if the app itself is removed. Not a big deal at this point, but once file attachments are enabled the data files could start taking up a fair amount of space …

Good to hear. If you only want to delete the orphaned cloud storage you can also do this via the iCloud preference pane in the System Preferences. I figured this was easier though for a reset as it also clears preferences etc.

I just started with Agenda and made the mistake to import all my content from Notes. This makes Agenda almost unusable, so I want to start over and delete all the data also from iCloud.

I downloaded and used the tool linked above, but that didn’t work. Perhaps the tool is no longer working because it was for an older version of Agenda?

How do I get to delete all content from my local copy, iCloud and the iPhone I synched with?

To delete the data from iCloud, open the Agenda Preferences, and uncheck the sync option. It will ask if you want to remove the cloud data, and you should do that.

Then, to clear the data on disk:

  1. Quit Agenda
  2. Click on Finder
  3. Choose Go > Go to Folder
  4. Enter ~/Library/Containers
  5. Locate the folder com.momenta.agenda.mac and drag that to your Desktop or Trash.
  6. Launch Agenda.

If you have been syncing with another device, you probably want to repeat there. For iOS, just delete and reinstall the app.

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FWIW, I couldn’t get this to work. I stopped syncing Agenda on every device (both Dropbox and iCloud), uninstalled on every device, deleted the folder and ran the command above, and Agenda would still restore some old projects on the Mac when I re-installed it.

I finally got it to work by doing a search for “com.momenta.agenda” in Finder and then deleting everything that came up (namely: folders in ~Library/Group Containers and ~/Library/Application Scripts).

This problem might have been exacerbated by the fact that iCloud Drive is disabled on my Mac by my employer (and therefore presumably some stale data couldn’t be deleted via sync).

Indeed, Agenda 10 moves that folder into the Group Container. That was in order to support the sharing extension. Big changes under the cover.

The folder to look in now in Agenda 10 is

~/Library/Group Containers

The folder is called