Clearer design differences between headlines and text styles

When using h1-h4 the distinguishability between headlines and text is not clear. You barely see a difference between bold text and h3.

This makes a good structure for texts impossible.

I need clearer differences between the style options and would be glad, if there were possibilities to do so.

I am using iPad Pro 12.9 (2020), iPhone 12 Pro max and Mac mini M1 (2021) on the latest iOS/MacOS verison.

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At the moment we have no intentions to change the range of stylings. Certain combinations of headings and inline styles like Italic and Bold can indeed be hard to distinguish, but this naturally depends very much on how you use them in combination. We want to prevent adding many more options or turning Agenda into more of a word processor where you can control every aspect of formatting. Instead we would in the future be more looking at allowing different themes, where different headings could feature a different style, which could address your issue by allowing you to pick a style that works better with the combination of headings and styles you use most.

Truth be told, themes are probably a while out still so in the mean time you might want to consider using a different combination of styles and headings, for example by using h4 instead of h3, or use horizontal rules, plain text prefixes like “+++”, indentation, or emoji’s to help visually better delineate different sections in your notes.

As other posts have stated, a simple highlighter would be wonderful - even if initially it’s the ability to use markdown to highlight text.

Yes, text highlighting is also on the list indeed, and will make it much sooner than themes as it stands.

I think this has been discussed elsewhere. But maybe an interim improvement here is to really differentiate among the h1 - h2 - h3 styles. There is little difference among them… H1 and H3 really are similar. H2 gets lost. It would be amazing to get a better difference here, making it easier to visually navigate documents

fwiw I frequently only use h2 in my notes since it’s more subdued than h1 and h3.

To each its own! I barely notice h2 from normal text… Also I copy paste the markdown from other apps (drafts) where i do use the hierarchy, its a bit of a pain to “reformat” when pasting to Agenda