Clean Slate (with archive or backup)

I saw someone post a similar question from a few months ago but not really a true answer.

I’ve used and loved Agenda extensively for over a year (just heading into my 2nd year of premium). While I understand there is currently no way to backup/archive within Agenda, and that I can back up the data through Time Machine or manually by finding/copying the com.momenta.agenda.macros folder, what I am looking to do is to completely start from scratch.

I have a new job, so I want a clean slate in Agenda, while having the option to return to the old Agenda projects/data in future if I need to.

Is there any easy way to do this or is it just to manually copy the com.momenta.agenda.macros folder (and potenially zip it) then delete everything manually in Agenda?

I’m worried that if I go this route I’ll never be able to access the old data without risking the new data.

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I would advise to hold of for a little bit longer as the next update will have a nice solution for exactly your use case. I would not advise to swap the library folders etc at this point. Have a look if the 9.0 update brings the solution you’re looking for.

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@mekentosj wow that’s great news! Thank you


I see that the current version is 9.1.1 as of 12/18/19. I still don’t see a backup function. I have the same use case as merlene and need to archive or export my previous data from an old job and want to start fresh for a new job but I still would like to reference my old data at times. But I don’t want to pollute my new job info with data from my old job especially when searching.

Can you tell me where this backup or export function is located?

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What I was hinting add back in October is the ability to archive projects. This allows you to archive those projects from a previous job (under a separate category for example) so they no longer clutter but are still around. If you really want to not have them around at all in Agenda, my advice would be to select the project in the sourcelist, then choose File -> Export As -> Agenda File, backup this file, and then delete the project in Agenda by moving it to the Bin.

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A simple option that creates and reads a total backup would be really great and would really make me feel better. For compliance reasons, I don’t use iCloud and Agenda only on a single iPad.

I also use the Bear app for other purposes. This is well implemented here.