Checklists in tables?

It doesn’t seem possible to include checklists inside tables, as in Evernote:

I would love to be able to do that. Am I missing something?

Tables only support minimal formatting at this point. Things like bold, italic etc, but not images, lists etc. We would like to expand this in future, but it is not the plan to support all formatting in a small table cell. It does not work well.

As for what I see in your screenshot, you could “fake” this just using emojis I think. Just put an check or cross emoji in the cells. Obviously not the same as a true checklist, but the end result is similar.


Thank you. I was thinking of trying to work towards something a bit more sophisticated than just a marker, like using emojis. I use these tables to plan weddings amongst other things. There is one table per couple as an overall checklist of progress towards their wedding and it would be good to, for example, find all the couples still waiting for completion of preliminaries i.e. checkbox so far unchecked. But I’m not surprised if that’s expecting too much! I will keep thinking.

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If you need real spreadsheet functions, I would attach an excel or numbers file to Agenda. In Agenda 14, you can edit the file, and it will save back into Agenda, so it works much better than before.

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