Checklists in a Note

In Agenda 14, you can have a note with multiple checklist items. Can I then choose to have a checklist item or items entered into the “On the Agenda" or “today" overview? I’d like to have one note with lots of checklist items and be able to choose which can be added to the overviews. I know an individual note can be added to the overviews. Thank you.


This isn’t possible yet, but we have some ideas in mind in this area as it’s a very popular request.


Thank you. for me very useful indeed.

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Hi. Great job done with Agenda 14 ! Congratulations.

Like Storyteller I’m a big user of check lists, and I’m looking for a way to have quick view of all the “unchecked” items included in multiple notes.

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@mekentosj - That could be implemented in the search bar by adding a “checked/unchecked within notes” to the existing check mark toggle.

Just suggesting that’s the logical place for this feature :slight_smile:

We could add a “Notes with unchecked items” filter there indeed, but it would still show the entire note. I think most users would like to see a way to only show the checklist items themselves, not the rest of the note.

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Thank you Alex. I did mean with the “Checklist Items Themselves”. Although, sometimes seeing the checked or unchecked items in context to the rest of the note may be helpful. Especially with only short descriptive checklist items.(Ex. “Send contract”.) Agenda incorporates a wonderful UX and UI and you guys have the "patience of the saints” in listening to and answering all of your users comments. Keep up the great work.

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