Hello, I am using Agenda since yesterday but I couldn’t find how to do it. I am also using things and I really love these „features“ for projects.

I would like to ask if:

  1. Can I do Checklist in checklist? I know that I can use indentation but it is not so comfortable because then the list is so huge and I would like to hide the checklist under another checklist so it will just pop up like in things.

  2. Can I hide checked/logged things?

Neither is possible at the moment, the upcoming v11 update will allow you to de-emphasize checked off items by having them be grayed out. It will not yet be possible to hide them, something we’d like to offer in the future. Collapsible items within a note is also something we are considering to add in the future.

In general though, if you are coming from a pure task manager type app like Things, you’ll probably find the task management features of Agenda not as strong at first glance. Which makes sense as the focus is more on note taking. However, in general you’ll find that you start developing new approaches, organisations and other workflows and ways of doing things that leverage the fact that not everything has to be a checklist. This will take a bit of time to develop.

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