Checklist points

Great App, thank you.
In an upcoming update could you please make the checklist markers easier to tick off. They are super sensitive to only a VVVV small are of touch. Cheers.

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Are you on version 9 already? And I assume this is on iOS?


Yeah I’ve updated app and I’ve got latest iOS version.

The problem unfortunately is that Apple has made a lot of changes in iOS13 where they messed up big time with some of the internals that detect taps in the textview. Hopefully they’ll fix these as iOS13 matures.

Ok. That’s not good. I’ve had some freeze issues with various apps since upgrading iOS.

Tell me something, is it possible for you guys to connect agenda to the contacts list on iOS? This is something that very few apps do but it’s something that I’m flabbergasted hasn’t become the norm for organisational apps.

It’s something we would like to do. It is a big project, just like connecting to reminders or calendar was, but we hope to do it in future.