Checklist not working properly

What I did: Type [ ] to bring up checklist and then type some Korean

What happened: First line always works fine. From the second line, as soon as I type a Korean word and hit “space”, checklist on the second line disappears.

What I expected: Checklist should always remain

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 11.1 (this bug was not present on 11.0)
iPadOS 14.0.1
iPad Pro 11inch 2nd gen + Magic keyboard

We have set it up so that list items that are empty are transformed into standard paragraphs if you don’t put any text in them. It is a bit odd if a list box stays there with no content.

If you type your text in the first item, and then press return/enter, the next line should automatically be a check list item and you can type immediately. It’s only if you click away somewhere else that it will change to a normal “body” paragraph.

Yes. I understand and I expect it to work as you described.
However, I did NOT click away. I kept typing.
I have attached a video clip to demonstrate exactly what happens.
When the checklist icon disapplears from the second line, is when I have typed in “space” after a Korean word.

2020년 10월 28일 (수) 오후 5:08, Drew McCormack via Agenda Community <>님이 작성:

RPReplay_Final1603873205.mp4 (1.17 MB)

If you don’t use the [ ] shortcut but instead select checklist using the keyboard bar, does it happen as well?

If I use the dedicated checklist button, the bug happens on the first line before going to the second line.

Many thanks for the follow up, we’ve now reproduced the issue and think we have found a fix, it should appear in the next iOS update. Many thanks for your help!

Note that it should also fix a number of issues where bold or underline etc was lost when typing in Korean.

Thank you. I really appreciate your fast response and support

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