Checklist Menu - add ‘untick all items'


Please add ‘untick all items’ to the checklist menu. I’m copying ‘standard procedures’ checklists from one project to another, and it’s a pain having to untick each item one at a time in the new note!

Thanks, we’ll take a look.

I don’t have a full idea of what your doing but couldn’t you select first and last item, remove the check box format and then add it back?

One easy workaround by the way is to use the \uncheck-all text action, if you type it anywhere in the list it will uncheck all checkboxes


Or this quick solution:

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Thanks for those other ways of achieving the same goal. However, I find it difficult to remember complex keyboard commands unless I use them regularly.

To me the menus are the obvious place to find such commands. In fact, as it’s not on the menu, it never occurred to me that the function was possible!

I know this pain. I can’t remember it either. I use the iOS/iPadOS text replacement for this.
For example, for me: anerl = \uncheck-all, or aerl = \check-all.
But I admit, this is tricky and only an individual solution. There could definitely be a simpler and self-explanatory solution for all Agenda users. Something like…under the checklist \? Enter and only the relevant or important commands will be suggested. Just an idea… (hope my English is readable…)

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Sometimes I simply select all items, remove the format and add the tick boxes again.

This is really a quick method.
But this only works with simple checklists. If I use lists and other formats in between and have selected them, then the original formatting is also changed here. Lists then become checkboxes and i don’t want that.