Checklist feature require improvement

Hi there!

While I check my checklist, I hope it can turn into lighter color or maybe strikethrough. So it can be more clear to the users. Anyway, I have seen similar request among several users. Its like a Checklist Completion Identifier. Otherwise, its not that obvious. Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback. We did originally try that, with a strikethrough, but it complicated the notes a lot. In the end we went with a more subtle color change of the checkbox.

But we can always refine things. Maybe we can consider dimming the text a little or something.


Hi thank you for the reply! Yea, strikethrough is a bit more complicated. But making the text more contrast can make the text more obvious. Hope you can take this suggestion. Appreciated. You can take a look the App “Bear” which did pretty good on its checklist feature.