Checklist - checked top parent in nested list

Hi. Can’t find a way to check off top of a nested list and have all items underneath to be automatically checked off as well. Is there a way to do that instead of having to individually check off 1 by 1? Thanks

We indeed don’t support that at this point. Perhaps we could do something like that with the shift key held in or something. We’ll keep it in mind.

Note that on the Mac, you can select the items you want to check, and use the Edit > Checklist > Mark as Checked menu (it has a shortcut too).

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Using on both iPad and Mac thus making shift select not feasible. Would have though checking parent would imply tasks below are all done…


Try backslash → “check all”.
Should work.

As mentioned, using on iPad meaning no external keyboard so doesn’t work. Haven’t tried on Mac. Be so much easier and more logical to allow checking of parents to automatically check of tasks below them in nested lists. Other task apps have this logical ability

Backslash should work on iPad too, even without a keyboard.

Task apps indeed have this, but Agenda is a note taking app. Forcing everyone to adopt this behavior would be a too big a change. Personally, I like to control all checkboxes myself, so you probably have people in two camps.

I think the best option would be coming up with a way to support both options. Perhaps if the user does a tap and hold on the checkbox, we could offer a “check children” type of option. We’ll think about it.

Thanks for the feedback!

how to get backslash to work? Can’t get it to work on ipad so far

Note that the autocompletion happens in the bar above the keyboard, not in a popup like on the Mac. See here:

A small tip, instead of typing the \ character you can also tap and hold the plus button above the keyboard on iPhone and iPad.

Thanks, figured is out. Need a space between word and \ else won’t pop up. No select all there… Will stick to Things3 for task, much easier and logical. IMHO it makes no sense to be able to checkoff parent but tasks below are not checked off, can’t think of a reason why that would be… Ok, back to Things3 for tasks

I’m with Drew on this one. For example, I use checklists for features of Agenda, I might have say 10 subtasks I’d like to add:

  • add colored tags
    • red
    • green
    • blue

At some point I might have implemented red and green but not yet blue, however I have to make a cutoff and decide that the colored tags feature is “done”. In this case I check off the parent but would like to preserve that I didn’t get to blue yet for future reference.

Thanks! Didn’t know that.