Checked Items Appearance: Combine Grayed Out and Strikethrough?


I’m really happy with the new options to modify the appearance of checked items. Would you consider a 3rd appearance option that makes them grayed out AND have a strikethrough? Maybe your concern is legibility, or something else, so feel free to disregard obviously, but I didn’t see anyone else ask. :blush:

Also when a checked item is “grayed out” it doesn’t affect any text that has a link. It’d be nice if that was a subdued color as well.



Can’t promise anything as we don’t want to add too many options, but we’ll take it on board, thanks for the feedback!

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Stupid me just realized that there’s already a “strikethrough” style, so I’ve selected “Grayed Out” as my checked items appearance and I can just manually add the strikethrough. It’s a little more work, but not much. :blush:

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Promises, promises? :slight_smile: (warning, music)
If it’s not too hard, it would be a nice option. Someone earlier noted how striketrough emphasized better; the combination helps more IMHO.


I agree with this idea. It does provide better de-emphasis IMO