Checkboxes do not conform to Markdown syntax in Agenda

OK, standard markdown for a checkbox is:

- [ ] then whatever text you want

but Agenda sometimes accepts that, sometimes it does not.

It seems you want to use your own syntax:

-[] then whatever text you want

I use a lot of Markdown apps all over, and your breaking of Markdown for checkboxes is a constant problem. I’ll type with the correct syntax, and then realize that Agenda is (still) broken on this, and have to re-type it again.

Why don’t you use the correct syntax?

For reference see:

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As you say, we support both, I’ve not had any trouble with the first example you give, so the question is what triggers the premature parsing when it doesn’t work for you? Do you see patterns where you can reproducibly have it not work? If so it’s a bug we should try to fix. Could it be that you wait longer than 5 seconds mid way finishing the item, or are you some kind of text shortcuts/automations?