Checkboxes automatically disappearing when ticked

I’m using a shortcut to get all the tasks I completed in Omnifocus today and to make a list like this :
[X] Title

Where Title is the variable returned by Omnifocus. I append this list of entries to a specific Agenda note.

When the shortcut ends, it properly opens Agenda and my tasks list is appearing fine at the end of my note. However if I exit the project my note lives in (open any other Agenda view/project) then go back into it to re-display the node, my whole section of tasks completed just disappeared from the end of the note.

Is there a mechanic that auto-removes those ? If so is there a way to prevent it?

Are they truly gone, or just cropped/hidden? If you make a small edit to the note (eg a new line), do you see the tasks reappear?

Oh, it does indeed reappear after adding a new line. Some of them appear by default, others require adding a new line. It’s related to the length of the note?

Is there a way to disable this behaviour? It’s quite cumbersome to have to add a line to have them reappear, I’d like to be able to see them at a glance.

That is a bug, of course. The note should not crop the content like that.

We have some new layout features coming in v11, which is in beta testing now. They might fix this issue. If you want to test, let me know, and I can send you a TestFlight invite.

Sure, I’d love to test it! Thanks :slight_smile: And I’m glad to hear that!

I’ve invited you to Test Flight. Just install the app, and click the invite link.

If the problem is still there, let us know, and we will investigate further.

Kind regards,

Thanks, I just tried it out and the issue is still happening on the TestFlight version! I hope you guys track down the issue! :slight_smile:

Hi Maxime,

We just released a new beta, build 140, can you let us know if the issue still persists?

Update: We believe this should be fixed in version 11, please let us know if this is not the case.