Check-boxes appearing black

What I did: Set up task-list by using check-boxes

What happened: on iPhone as I expected the check-boxes appear white. On iPad some (not all) of the check-boxes appear black. So at the first look it seemed, they weren’t sync. But actually they are there and I can use it to mark as done – only that they are black.

What I expected: That the check-boxes have the white color.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
newest OS and Agenda-Version. Dark-mode.

Are you using version 9.1.1 as confirmed under About Agenda in the Agenda preferences? Did you just switch to dark mode when this happened or have you set the iPad to adapt automatically to dark mode? I assume that force-quitting the app resolves the problem? See

now I restarted iPad. Now all is normal.

remark: it was not the first time I had this issue. Thats why I wrote a note for you; Just to help you make good things better!

Hmm, sounds more like a bug in how Apple reports dark mode if it gets resolved by a restart of the iPad. Let me know if you see it again.

I will.