Check box possible bug

When trying to mark a check box on a list, it’s not working, or it marks two of them as checked :man_shrugging:t2:

Can you make a screenrecording of what you describe?

Are you sure this is also true if the checkboxes are not on empty line? This might be related.

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Yes, it happens the same.
These were empty just to try and share it with support.

Very strange, and you just single tap them with your finger?

How do you make those empty check items? If I make a check item, then leave it empty and type a return, it removes the check item and becomes body text.

What steps do you take to make those empty items? Is it copy/paste? Markdown? Something else?

Yes. It’s weird that’s happening

Possibly like this? I have not been able to duplicate the issue yet.

I could reproduce it but maybe in 1 of 20 tests.
I think you have to move the finger in a special moment to the other check circles.
Maybe it is also connected to the line height and text size.

Yea I was thinking line height. But could not reproduce yet… :slight_smile: