Charts, Tables, and Columns

I would love to have the ability to creat tables and charts in Agenda! I use Agenda for all of my work, and I hate having to use a separate application! Also, being able to write in columns would be great!


Tables is something we hear quite a lot, and is in the roadmap. Charts is probably going a bit too far though. Probably better to create those in Excel or Numbers, and attach the files to Agenda.

Thanks for the feedback!

table pleaseeeeee

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Just another vote.
I´d love to have tables, too!! :+1:

Please add tables!

I read in the updates that the option/alt tab combo spaces things out so you have a makeshift table.

It would be great to have support for tables!

+1 for Table support

Working on it!


Make mine another vote / voice for tables

No need to vote — we have already started working on it!

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