Changing font size loses cursor position

In the middle of editing a note, I was just adjusting the size of the text in the MacOS version (using ⌘+) and found that I’d lost focus on the text I was editing. Not a huge deal, but feels a bit kludgy to have to find my place and manually click again where I want to type.

That’s right, we try to make sure at least the note itself will stay more or less in view, but don’t try to maintain selection as we feel that most people would not change the font size frequently enough to make this worth the hassle.

Well that’s definitely not in line with the behavior of any other text editing software I’ve ever used. Losing focus from the text field being edited just seems pretty disruptive and sloppy to be honest.

We’ll see what we can do. Agenda is not your everyday text editor, because we have a whole stream of editable editors, instead of just one. This complicates things, but it is certainly doable, and we will see if we can make it happen.