Change storage location (or files on demand?)

I am stuck with a 128GB MacBook and I find that Agenda is taking up a huge amount of space in my library. While I can move the app itself to an external SSD, the notes themselves are still stored in the library on my MacBook.

It would be excellent to have a ‘file on demand’ option where I can choose which notes are availabe locally and which files live in iCloud; or else be able to move the library folder to an external SSD.

Sorry you are experiencing this. We do hope to reduce storage usage in future, but that obviously doesn’t help you now.

You can’t move the files on a modern Mac system, in most cases, because it has something called a sandbox. It expects Agenda files to be in a very specific place, for security.

If you know that only a few of your projects are really big, or have lots of attachments, you could consider exporting the projects, and reimporting, then removing the old projects. This has the effect of compacting down the data, and removing any old data that is not used anymore.

To do this…

  1. Select a project on the left. Make sure no notes are selected on the right
  2. Choose File > Export and use the Agenda File export type.
  3. Once you have the exported file, double click it to import again
  4. You should now have two copies of the project. Check that the imported one is OK, and then drag the old one to the trash in Agenda.
  5. If all is good, empty the Agenda trash. That should clear up some old data.

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