Change multiple styles

When selecting multiple styles or lists, it would be nice if I could change them all at once.

For example, I have 5 bulleted items, I shold be able to highlight all 5, click the little circle and select Checklist and they all become checklists.

I’m pretty sure this already works when you use the keyboard shortcuts, doesn’t this already work? Are you specifically referring to Mac or iOS?

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for responding to my topic. I’m on a MacBook Pro. I’ve attached a link to a video that explains my thought.



Ecto Creative

Thanks for that, very clear. Indeed the paragraph inspector works only on the single paragraph level. Try using instead the Format menu:

This will work with all selected paragraphs. You can also control/right-click a text selection to get to the same menu, or perhaps best, use the keyboard shortcuts.

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Great, even easier.



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