Change key combination for “Show Related"

The command for “Show Sidebar” is option-cmd-s

S for Sidebar is easy to remember.

The command for “Show Related” is option-cmd-i

It would be much easier to remember if it were option-cmd-r

R for Related. That combination doesn’t seem to be in use already.

Is that possible?

Probably not a good idea to change it right now.

The current shortcut was based on the usual shortcut of an “inspector” panel, so there is some logic there.

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You can do this yourself.
Open System Preferences from the Apple menu.
Click Keyboard
Click Shortcuts tab
Click App Shortcuts
Click the + under the list
Select Agenda as the app
Type Show Related in the Menu Title
Click in Keyboard Shortcut and type Cmd+Opt+r
Click the Add button.

Repeat for the menu title Hide Related. This is because the menu text changes from Show Related to Hide Related.

Adding the shortcut

The menu now shows the new shortcut key combination